Yes, that sign really hung across our Downtown until I was in school


I attended public schools in Greenville, elementary through High School. Back then we had Elementary, Jr. High and Sr. High. Our High School was apparently also a 'Confederate Monument'. 

It was a racist town, but my Dad taught us better. He was the only dentist in town that would treat Blacks as well as whites. I started 1st grade in 1965, the first year that Greenville integrated their schools. They took down the sign that year and things got better.

After High school I attended East Texas State University where I met my wife. I originally studied Photography, but after one computer science class I was hooked. This was the days of punch cards and printouts, not a monitor in sight.


I was born in 1958, the youngest of three children. My father was a dentist, WWII & Korean War veteran. My mother was a farmers daughter.

My fathers grandparents on both sides immigrated from Germany. My mother always said she was a mut and muts were best!

I grew up in an isolated neighborhood a few miles out of Greenville, Texas. It was inhabited by engineers from a near by defense contractor, lawyers and doctors. My first friends were the few kids in the neighborhood, all girls. Soon a pair of brothers moved across the street, they were Japanese. we became fast friends. The neighbor hood grew and so did the kids around my age. My playmates eventually resembled 'Spanky & Our Gang'.




We lived briefly in Hot Springs, then Malvern Arkansas before moving to the DFW area. Later in life we would inherit the house in Hot Springs that my wife's mother grew up in. It has a garage with 2 apartments above. We rent the house and keep one apartment for ourselves and go often. We really love Hot Springs and may retire there some day.



My career began with a job selling the then new 'Personal Computer', then on to become an image processing expert in the early days of graphics. I worked for many years for a small electronics company that created custom systems for clients like 'The American Museum of Natural History, Exxon, Boeing, Cafe Pacific, McDonnald Douglas and others. My job took me literally around the world, and saw me working at International oil companies & Airlines, Military bases and even the Pentagon. I have worked on every continent except Africa and Antarctica.



During this time my wife gave me two beautiful girls. We bought our first house, and learned to be parents.

Eventually we built our current home in New Hope, on the property my wife was raised. I started my own company, taking the skills I had learned over the years and applying them to small businesses and individuals, providing a variety of technical services.

In the early 2000's I became a town council member, then road commissioner, mayor pro-ten and finally Mayor.

My wife is amazing, my children are happy, successful and loving, we have many wonderful friends and have shared many adventures. I am the luckiest person in the world and have led an amazing and satisfying life. 

I look forward to the challenges and rewards the future brings.