Your Milage may vary...

Recently I have a chance to catch up with several of my Trans friends who are transitioning. We have known each other for some years and have all started HRT, although at different times.

The differences are quite startling. A couple have had breast enhancement, one looked fabulous, in my opinion, a perfect ‘C’ cup, The other went for more like a ‘D’ or Larger, I didn’t ask. One told me that she had been on HRT for 6 years with no breast growth, so she had the work done.

I talked to another girl who had around 6 years of HRT resulting in sizable natural breasts. She related a story about holding her grandchild and discovering her shirt soaked. Her breasts had spontaneously lactated.

When I contemplated HRT, I researched everything I could about it’s effects. I could find no definitive answers. Almost every source had at least some contradicting info. ‘You can expect growth similar to women in your family’,  ‘Past the age of 25 you can not expect any appreciable growth’,  ‘It’s all up to your genes’,  ‘It’s all up to the right doses of the right hormones’,  ‘It’s up the the zodiac sign you were born under’  and finally one actually said ‘ It’s in your mind, it you want it enough, it will happen’.

Why is the available info is so bad ? Maybe it’s that we have remained so hidden for so long, and there really is not a lot of quality documentation. I think we are on the verge of changing that.

I can say that my experience has been good. A year and a half into it and I have small but unmistakeable breasts. My skin is amazingly soft. And although it is really hard to see a difference in my shape, I can no longer comfortably fit into most of my boy clothes. Not from weight gain or loss, they are just all cut wrong. I have to buy mens shirts a couple of sizes larger. The shoulder seam hangs down my arm, but it fits through the chest. I had taken to stealing my Wife's jeans and short because they just fit better. And in a truly unexpected turn of events, I’m seeing hair on my Male pattern bald head returning. Will it fill in completely? Who knows, I hope so but am not counting on it. I always believed that having been devoid of hair for decades, it would never regrow. Pleasant surprise.

Is my experiences borne out with my friends? No, they have their own changes, at different rates and in different places. But isn’t this really just natural? CIS women experience the exact thing. I remember in school watching the girls change throughout Jr. High and High school. Some got really curvy really quick, other not so. Many would bloom as they entered college, some later, some never.

So be patient, things will happen at whatever pace your body is destined to. Relax and enjoy the ride.