My world changed this week, the daily routines wiped away.

I've suspected that making myself public would at least raise a few eyebrows, I vastly underestimated.

Before my first town meeting as myself, I get a text. "You made the news!" It read, with a link to a Texas Observer article. That article began to multiply and spread across the unbounded internet.

The last two days I, my wife and my daughter have been surrounded by cameras and microphones.

And the messages pour in. They are all so amazingly uplifting. Many come from other transgenders, many from parents, siblings and spouses of transgenders. Many profess to have no understanding of transgender issues but still offer support and acceptance. Too numerous for response. I want to say to all of you, Thank you, your words are very much appreciated.

Have there been detractors? Of course. Humans are all unique, and unique does not always go well together.

But the ratio is 100s to one, and those are odds easy to live with.