Civic Duty

A good mayor should be involved with their community. That means attending Town council meetings and voting in town elections.


I have been involved with the town of New hope since 2003, Serving as alderman, chair of public works, Road Commissioner, Mayor pro-tem and Mayor. 

I was the original liaison to Collin county for the open spaces grants. I wrote the original grant request the gave the town Park it's start.

I was responsible for creating the plan to pave the gravel roads in New Hope, not an easy task with the limited budget. It took several years to accomplish, but we have been a 'road dust' free town since 2010.

I have been a volunteer for the National Night out every year since New Hope began holding the event. There have been many great committee members that are the real driving force behind the events, and I'm glad to help in any way I can.


Mrs. Hamm has not attended a town council meeting since she resigned her position as chair of the Events committee 2 weeks before the 2016 National Night out. She did not attend the event.

Melissa Brown, as resident since 2002, has attended only 2 Town council meetings ever, January 2018 and February 2018.

Michael Rivera attended his very first town council meeting February 2018.

Mrs. Hamm has a history of community involvement with the town events committee. There is no record of either Ms. Brown or Mr. Rivera even attending any town event.

Below is the voter record for all the candidates for mayor. Local elections are held in May every year. note the May 2010-2015 there were no New Hope elections as there was no one running opposed. The Mayor canceled the election those years to save the town election expense. this information is public record and available from the Collin County web site.

voter record opponents3.jpg