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Jess Herbst has served the town of New Hope since 2003, holding the positions of Alderman, Public works head, Road Commissioner, Mayor Pro-Tem and Mayor.

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New Hope was incorporated in 1974 to preserve our rural way of life.

With the population of Collin County exploding this is a challenge.

Mayor Herbst re-established the Planning & Zoning board and works with Texas department of transportation advisory group to address these concerns.

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The Collin County Sheriff called Jess into his office and asked for her help.

Sheriff Skinner explained he needed money for additional deputies in our sector of the county. 

Spending money is never popular, but Jess told the council "You can't put a price on peoples safety", and urged them to vote yes. 

The vote passed unanimously providing for enhanced deputy presence in our town.




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For decades, New Hope had no way to enforce ordinances, allowing trash to pile up, overgrown lawns & abandoned vehicles. 

Herbst pushed to appoint a code enforcement officer and town judge to work for the citizens and fix these issues. 

New Hope finally can enforce it’s ordinances and clean up the town.





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For years, public comments were not recorded in town meetings.

Requests for agenda items by citizen and aldermen were ignored.

Jess established official public comments at every meeting.

Issues brought up by citizens or aldermen are placed on the agenda so the council is legally bound to deal with it.

Now every citizen's voice will be heard.





Jess Herbst is a 19 year resident of New Hope, her wife Debbie was born and raised here. Her Daughter Alexandria and son-in-law Andrew Hull live in the house Debbie grew up in.

Jess has served the Town of New Hope since 2003. She has ben an Alderman, Road Commissioner, Mayor Pro-Tem and Mayor. 


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