Not so instant


As a child I imagined every possible scenario that would change my gender. They all had one thing in common. They were almost instant. With little variation I would be male one day and female the next.

When I was old enough to read about transitioning, the part about living full time as a reqauirement was alway a bit scary. It seemed that you had to start living as female without any training or practice.

Now that reality has set in, I understand that like all things, transition is a long slow process.

It took me 50 years do even leave the house dressed as a female. Another 6 to decide that I wanted it to be permanent. Two years after starting HRT, I have finally made myself known to everyone in my life.

So, I made it, but there was nothing instant about it!

New Year, big changes.

Happy New Year!



  I begin the new year letting go of some important things. First up is the pseudonym I have used for years. ‘Haust’ is gone, the family name I was born with is ‘Herbst’ and from now on, Jess Herbst it is! Jess is still not official in the eyes of the law, but we will deal with that later.

Also for 2017 presenting as male is, gone, gone, gone. The last people that needed telling have been told, and I cleared my closet of male clothes. Bye Bye safety net.

 I have big plans for the coming year and I hope to blog more often, time will tell. I will leave you with a promise for something big later this month.


Jess Herbst