Congratulations Mom and Dad

Three, two, one…

I count down my dad and she begins her speech in the back of the car. Mom and I listen to her, analyzing every turn of phase and every hesitation. She stops and we change of few things. She’s not nervous she just wants it to be the best it can be. We’re on our way to the Black Tie Dinner, a gala for LGBT in Dallas. 



I’ve done my parents makeup and when we get there I touch it up. We’ve shopped for gowns and got mom into a shoe store (no easy feat). We’ve been preparing for week. Andrew even got a tux.

We sit down at the dinner close to the stage. Soon someone comes and takes dad away and my mom gets so nervous. She’s on the edge of her seat and then they start the video. Dad is up in full color on eight giant screens. Then she walks on to a huge standing ovation. I can tell its the roar of the crowd that stagers her back and finally she just has to start her speech despite the noise. 

The best part of all this, the well deserved love, the event, the charities that get over a million dollars in funds. The best part is my mom holding onto my dad when she comes back to her seat. She holds her arm and snuggles in close, smiling ear to ear.


As a daughter it all breaks down to that. My mom is proud of my dad and is willing to go through all these hoops just to support her. She follows her around after the dinner and says over and over again how proud she is of Jess to all the people coming up to them. They both hold their shoes and talk to the lines of people wanting to congratulate dad.

My mom is the sweetest most loving wife and since dad has been honored I want to honor mom. The supporter of the century.