Leather skirt or leggings?

Lots on my mind today, so I'm breaking it into several posts, I know we all hate to read long blogs.

Last week I posted about going out with my sidekick and how good it felt to be in the real world. I posted as much on my Facebook page and got some critical comments. One took issue with my suggestion of how to dress in public.

I do understand that how you dress is a matter of personal choice, and that it is not my place to tell anyone how to dress. I'm responsible for me and no one else.

My point was meant less to be a statement of what we should do, and more of an observation of how the general public responds. This applies to everyone, trans or not, in all aspects of life. I think everyone understands that it is inappropriate to attend church in only socks and underwear, that many businesses refuse service unless you have on shoes. There is a time and place for a leather skirt, corset and 6" heels, it's just probably not Thursday afternoon at the local Starbucks.

I make this observation now because of the media attention we are currently getting . Transgender media coverage is at an all time high and public awareness is strong.

Bruce Jenner has put us in a very good light and we owe it to each other to make the best of it. We can do that by letting the public see us as non-threatening, as people they can relate to. They don't want to see fetish-wear unless they go looking for it.

The woman at target in leggings, flats and an oversized top, could easily be the one at the club Saturday night in the micro mini sporting a very low cut blouse, knee boots and a whip. But she knows she is at Target, not the club.

Many of us have felt suppressed for so long that we want to just say 'to hell with it, I want to wear leather every day until I die!', and I understand your frustration. When someone tells you how to dress as a transgender, it's insulting. 

But just because we are transgender does not give us a pass on social graces, and the more we ignore them, the more misunderstood we will be.

Let's use this opportunity to show the world that we are not a mental disorder, that we are normal, just a different normal than them. Treat the world like a strange dog, move slow and let them smell you before making any big moves!