How we effect others.

Izza (my sidekick) and I went to dinner last Saturday night. As usual we spent a lot of time in conversation, this time we discussed why so many people are so bothered by us.

She believes that men are upset because we threaten their perception of manhood. Men, she says, are brought up to believe that any thoughts of attraction to another man is gay. When they look at us, it sets up a conflict within. Their eye see something attractive, but knowing that we are plumbed just like them is deeply disturbing.

 I had a conversation with my wife about the problems with competition over looks. She has a friend who dated a transgender. Their relationship ended because of competition over who was going to look better. She was OK with her boyfriend dressing as a woman, just not when he competed with her on who was going to look best in her skirt, etc.

When I think about it, usually the first places any transgender feels comfortable going out in public are the gay, lesbian and bisexual areas. Here a gay guy never feels threatened, he's just not interested (in Trans-women). The Lesbians are not feeling competition, they seek out attractive females. And the Bi's, ... well they just love everybody.

When I'm with my non-trans friends, I feel the need to repeatedly reassure the male ones that I am not attracted to men. All of my friends have been very open and supportive, but I can tell that there is still internal discomfort for a few.

Are these the reasons? Or are they just trying to get over learned behavior? Am I missing something Is there something?

I usually leave these posts with my final thought, but for this one I invite you to leave me your thoughts.

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