The New Normal

Catilyn Jenner reveled her new name and body in Vanity Fair this month. It is a unveiling worthy of an Apple event, simple, elegant and extremely polished. Bravo Catilyn, bravo Vanity Fair.

The world seems a bit taken aback by just how different, and beautiful she looks. I think this is just great and am amused to think of all the unaccepting people and what is going in their mind! Here is a beautiful woman, born a man. A man that is very hard to put down, having taken the gold in the olympics. This has to be causing a sever meltdown of their prejudice assumptions. He was never weak, never shy, certainly never a 'loser'. He was a 'Man's man', one of the boys. He played sports! 

When a person of this statue comes out as transgender it is a big deal. This shows the world that being transgender is more like being left handed than a disease. It's a coincidence of fate, not a curse, not a choice.

 Slowly, carefully, Catilyn is educating the general public on the reality of being transgender. She started with the Diane Sawyer interview laying the groundwork. Next up is her show on E!. She confesses not to be any kind of official spokesperson for the Transgender community, but she has a better platform than anyone since Laverne Cox. I think Catilyn's position is even better than Laverne's, we knew Catilyn before the transition. Laverne has told us about her past, but most of us grew up knowing Catilyn (Bruce at the time).

All this leads me again to my position that this is our time. The public ,finally has a reason to accept us. Because of Catilyn, Laverne, Jazz, Alexis Arquette and dozens of others. Each of them coming out very publicly, slowly changing the public attitude. 

Right now we are en vogue, and that is leading us to being normal in the public eye, and It's truly a New Normal.