Alive and well

Life moves so fast sometimes. I have several posts stacked up, waiting for me to finish my thoughts and submit them to my editor, who just happens to be my mate of 35 years this month. 

The world is such an amazing place right now, for the LGBT community at least. There are so many blogs, news stories, TV Shows and movies it's become hard to follow them all. 

But the media is not all good, it seems the transphobic are coming out of the woodwork. Any comparison to cockroaches is strictly intentional. Their comments revel a lack of education and level of fear that makes me truly sad for them and their family. It's hard, but I resist the strong urge to leave a comment, hoping to explain that they just don't understand. 

The truly sad thing is that there still are sectors of people who value red neck ignorance. An article in the 'National Review' bashed Jazz Jenningd, the adorable teenager from Florida, author of a popular children's book and soon to be TV star. The comments were worse than the article itself, most expressing fear that it's all a big plot to force them to transition against their will. 

 This seems to be the heart of the real problem. The bashers have their beliefs, but feel that it is their right and duty to force everyone else to believe the same. Educated people understand that everyone has the right to be who they are and only want to be treated with respect. It would never occur to me to try and change someone else in that manner. They practice this kind of behavior and can not fathom that everyone else would not do the same.

its not just the trans community that's taking heat, several state leaders and county officials have openly defied the supreme courts same sex marriage ruling. Yesterday the governor of Oklahoma stated he would not remove a monument to christian religion from the state capital grounds after his state Supreme Court ruled that it was unconstutional.  

These acts embody their flawed logic. They cry religious freedom without understanding that  theirs is not the only religion. Their freedom is someone else's oppression. No one is trying to make them change their beliefs, but they refuse to allow anyone else their own. 

We have made great strides, but hold on its not over yet, and I fear it's going to get ugly.