A night at the museum

Izza and I went to a museum downtown tonight, the one my daughter works for. it was 'Late night' and they were open until midnight.

We arrived early as we tend to do. My daughter was pleased to see us as she wanted to introduce us to her co-workers. she has told them all about us and they were interested in seeing us firsthand. From all appearances we did not disappoint.

Later as we were taking in the art, a woman approached and asked if she could speak with us. Saying she hoped not to offend, but wanted to know how we (Izza and I) had met? Turns out her ex-husband is transgender and was having a hard time connecting with the community. We were glad to help and had a very pleasant conversation with her.

This encounter serves to remind me that not all of us are so lucky. We both know many other trans girls, and we have found a best friend in one another. We don't have to go through the trials and tribulations of being trans alone, and that is a really big thing.

She would have never found us if we confined our activities to LGBT places. For people to se us for who we are, we have to go where they are, the places so many of don't consider 'safe'..

The more we are out the more we are seen, and the more we are seen, the more common place we become. And in our case, common place is a good thing.