A happier note

Recent activities has placed me in judgement of a wide spectrum of humanity. I discovered that Berlin, Germany, is one of the most trans accepting cities in the world. I've been back to my family's favorite sushi place, back to my coffee house haunt, and picked up  take out from Pei Wei.

All these places have presented me with an overwhelming sense of acceptance . I revel in this feeling,

I have said it before, and will emphasize it again, I do not pass. Only a deaf blind person would come away mistaking my birth gender as female. But that does not matter, what matters is that I can present myself in the way I want, and be accepted for it.

I'm not trying to pretend to be a CIS woman, that's not me. I'm not even sure that i'm strictly trans, Gender fluid seems to fit better.

But the point of this is that I now live in a world where I can be me, here, there. In a car, and way away far. People are not trying to make me fit in a specific box. I'm free to be me, and that is just what we all really want.