I’m seeing a lot of ‘It's miserable to be Trans’ Facebook posts lately. ‘Being trans is a curse’, ‘Why am I this way?’ et al. 

One even stating they were trans because of some chemical introduced to their mother during pregnancy. This was followed by comments full of anecdotal logical fallacies. People love science, it’s a shame most can’t tell pseudoscience from the real thing.

Your anecdotal personal experiences are no substitute for controlled, double blinded properly documented experiments. You cannot have an idea of what the answer is and try to find events to prove your assumption. That is not real science, but it how we all fool ourselves into believing so many falsehoods.

I’m not saying these people have not had problems, but I don’t think blaming being trans is correct. What about those who not only enjoy being trans, but embrace it?

I hear phrases like ‘ People made me feel bad’ or ‘society made me feel like a loser’. Society didn’t make them feel. No person can MAKE you feel anything. They can influence your thought process, Only your brain can make you feel.

 They felt this way because they allowed themselves to feel this way. I know this seems harsh but it’s the truth. If you know anything about neuroscience you know this. Our brain never hears, sees, feels or smells anything. It just interprets signals from our biological sensors and determines what to do with that data.

This explains why you see people in every aspect of life that either are always happy/positive and others are always mad/sad/negative. It’s how we choose to interpret our surroundings.

Mainstream media is not immune from pseudoscience either, they tell us how dangerous it is to be trans, how much we suffer. How high suicide rates are among transgender, how high our murder rate is.

 Are Transgender more likely to commit suicide than average? Are we at a higher risk of attack? The real answer is we don’t know. The facts are not there.

You can not state a percentage of anything unless you know the size of the data set in question. In a group of five, if one dies, it’s one in five, or 20%. But if there are 1000 in the group, it’s one in one thousand or 0.1%.  No one knows how many of us there are. Numbers range from .03 to 20% of the US population, big difference.

I want to see more positive stories posted. or at least full disclosure of the real facts, not just link bait speculation. I’m tired of the world believing that to be trans means pain, agony and increased risk of murder/suicide.

I know there are people in the trans community that suffer, but being Trans is not the cause.