What happened to us?

- Sometimes I feel the need to speak about issues that are not transgender related, and today is one. -

When one group of people wants to takes over or destroy another, the usual way is through violence. If one of those groups is an entire society, the method is war.

You choose to fight a war to take over/destroy your enemy. Unless you know you can’t win, then you have to try other means.

Al Qaeda, ISIS, The Taliban and others I’m sure, want to wage war on the western world. They want us to die because we don’t believe in their extreme version of religion*, one that has no room for anything or anybody else on earth.

 Some also want reprisal for perceived digressions the West has hefted on their world over the past centuries, some just want our stuff.

 But they know they don’t have the strength to take on even the smallest western government in a direct war. 

If you can’t win directly against an emery, you have to make the enemy destroy itself. This is where terrorism comes in. You do things to make your enemy panic and do stupid things.

 The things they do have zero strategic value. No amount of market bombings, Mall shootings or even destruction of big buildings will ever help them gain one inch of ground on taking over the countries they attack. Killing 3000 people is terrible, but a drop in the bucket vs the 450,000 active servicemen in the US military alone.

They do it to make is scared.

  And it's working. The American people have become so afraid that we will do anything to feel ‘safe’ again. Even though our odds of being in a terror attack are a fraction of dying in our own bathrooms.

 They have made us so stupid that we take weapons to the movies for ‘Protection’ and shoot innocent moviegoers by accident. (http://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/crime/suspect-in-renton-theater-shooting-says-he-feared-random-attacks/).

We are becoming violent against our fellow citizens because of their religon. Something that drove people form their homelands and created our country in the first place. (http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/hate-attacks-muslims-u-s-spike-after-recent-acts-terrorism-n482456)

 We won WWII by breaking the secret Enigma code used by the Natzi's for secure communication. We heard everything they said about troop movement, attacks and supplies. Now the Governments wants to break our secure communications by forcing Apple to break the iPhone. Who among you think the terrorists did not think about this when they used an iPhone in their California attack? 

 They can’t break the encryption, so get their enemy to break it for them.

We are facing an election year, and instead of focusing on issues of human rights, non-discrimination and economic well being, we are thinking like chickens with our heads cut off. We favor a man who is an open racist, bully and con-man. A man who touts his business ability when virtually every business he attempts fails. ( Trump Airline, Trump Travel, Trump Mortgage, Trump Magazine, Trump Steaks, sold only at Sharper Image! ). His claim to fame is real estate and he does not even build or finance the buildings, he merely ‘Licenses’ his name to real developers. (http://www.businessinsider.com/trump-businesses-that-no-longer-exist-2014-10?op=1). 

Why? Because he says all the things that make a scared population feel safe. Says he will ban all Muslins, even though 99.9% have nothing to do with terrorism. He says he will build a giant wall on our border, and make someone else pay for it! 

 We are so scared that all our normal bullshit detectors have shut down.

 This is not a blog against Trump, if you want him, elect him, that is what democracy is about. But just think about the real reason you are doing so, and who made you feel that way. 


*These people do not represent Islam anymore than Jim Jones represented Christianity