My Birthday



 I threw a cocktail party to celebrate my birthday this last weekend. (Really it was Debbie, Alexandria & Andrew that did all the work).

I had around 70 people. Family, Friends, Town government, work colleagues, Debbie's work colleagues, Alexandria's friends, and of course my transgender friends. There were  CIS, Trans, straight & gay.

There were people of all colors, some from as far as Senegal, and as close as down the street. It mattered not. 

Most people had nothing common besides knowing me, but they got along like old friends.  It was an amazingly diverse group, and everyone had fun.

 People who had never met a transgender person before were engaging them in conversation. People who never spoke to a politician before were exchanging jokes with them. 

  This is what the future of our country should look like. 

The world is a better place than many believe.