“Separate checks?” Inquires our server.


“Are you wanting 2 beds?” The hotel clerk asked. She knew she was down to a king room and was afraid we wouldn’t want it.

 I knew when I decided to transition that I would be treated differently than when presenting as male, but I forgot to think about how Debbie & my relationship would be perceived.


 Seeing the world through not just females eyes, but from a lesbian perspective is quite enlightening. I never thought about all the assumptions that people make on a day to day basis. Two women having a meal must just be friends and checking into a motel, well, they have to just be traveling companions.

 The thought that we might just be a couple is the last thing that seems to come to mind.

 My daughter has joined a book club and after a few gatherings she explained to them that I was trans. First question was ‘how do you work custody of the grandchild?’

 My son-in-law explains me to his coworkers and they want to know if the divorce was friendly.

The explanation that we are still married is always met with a look of skepticism, after all how could that be?

 Society is certainly much more acceptable to the fact that there are LGBTQI people in the world. And the majority of Americans agree that we should be accepted.

 They just have not yet figured out how to adjust their assumptions away from a strictly hetro-binary norm.


 I love the look on faces when we hold hands, kiss or talk about our grandchild, it’s always accompanied by the sound of cobwebs popping from somewhere inside their brains.