Driving Ms. Jess

My family loves travel. Personally I have become the tag-along when anyone has a trip. I want to go somewhere, anywhere. Now that dad has speaking engagements and Panel discussions I have more excuses to pack a bag and go. 



My favorite was the trip to Washington D.C.; we went to meet congress members and to support other transgender advocates in an organized attempt to let our elected officials see us and really get to know us as people and not as an idea. 


We flew there and as I may have mentioned we always get there early. When we landed we take an Uber to an apartment we rented. Dad’s documentary crew, which consisted of Maisie was their too. She is following us around in order to work on her documentary on Dad and her fight for transgender rights.

We had an early dinner appointment to get ready for so dad and I had to fight over a mirror. I am a self proclaimed makeup junkie and had brought a huge case of the amazing stuff. Getting ready with Jess is one of my most favorite changes about her transformation. Before she would stand by the door as I threw makeup into the air and walked under it, praying that it looked ok. Now we can spend an hour asking each other about colors and technique. Similarly when we stop for coffee, and we always do, we both have to retouch are lipstick. 

It’s small but it makes me feel more connected to her. When we went around to different officials offices she would stop and have me fix her hair and her makeup. Honestly it made me feel more needed.

My dad is very self sufficient and doesn’t usually need help with anything. In fact she plays a sort of therapy role for me and my life. But on trips we work together and need the same things so much so that I feel we need each other more. 

Recently we went to Lubbock for a screening of TransPose (go see it) and dad sat on the Panel. They asked her how supportive her family was and she pointed to me in the audience, I was so proud. 

Traveling with dad is like traveling with a best friend. We both get excited to go swimming in hotels and like the same podcasts in the car. We have the same goals and the same friends in the trans world. Although she has always been a wonderful dad, our friendship has changed through the driving and flying and staying in hotels.

Suddenly its my friend who gets me and a friend I am honored to have.

Traveling buddies hitting the road.