Things you might not know about Jess

  1. She speaks some German, enough to get by in Germany.  Her grandmother spoke fluent German. 

  2. She can’t spell worth a flip

  3. Traveling with her is like being on 'The Amazing Race', because of this we are always early, for everything.

  4. She doesn’t wear foundation, just sunscreen and powder. She has good skin.

  5. She will always talk to a stranger and will have long conversations with people in stores and restaurants.

  6. She won’t leave the house without red lipstick and red nails.

  7. She can’t go very long without calling my mom and telling her everything that has happened to her so far that day.

  8. She doesn’t know what ‘on fleek’ means.

  9. She is optimistic to a fault.

  10. She gets so overwhelmed by any support, especially about Jess, that she can’t help but cry.

  11. She can’t say no to fans, even if it is an inconvenience.

  12. She loves swimming pools and hot tubs like a child does. 

  13. TV is very important to her and it is important that everyone knows about her shows.

  14. Recently learned what slay means. 

  15. She has at least seven Bikes. She’s in love with them. 

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