A day in the life...

I mentioned in my last post that I had been to the nail salon. Using the excuse of an upcoming halloween party, I got my nails done. You need to understand that I've spent the last couple of months building a massive flagstone patio..All those rock  have done a number on my nails. they were cracked, dirty and worn down to nothing. 

At the salon, I sat on one massage chair, my wife in another next to me. We chatted while four people worked us over. Each with our own pedicurist and manicurists  

Well its hard to pull off boy mode with red shiny nails out just past the tip of the finger. So I'm in a self-imposed girl mode only restriction, at least until after the party this weekend.

The nail salon was so nice that I decided to take care of another overdo project. I had purchase a new,  long lace wig a few months ago, intending to get it cut and styled. 

So today I made a call to  Toni & Guy, put on my face and a pair of heels and headed to my appointment.  My new stylist and I talked ideas and she went to work. The results were truly amazing. I have always just worn my hair however it came out of the box. Having one cut to match my features is a real step up. I felt so good that afterward I proceeded a department store and tried on a dozen outfits, just to see how I looked. 

I've gotten to the point where I am experiencing the day to day normality of female life. Sometimes normal feels really good.