I'm a practicle, science based kind of girl. I don't believe in the supernatural, god or luck. And yet my life seems filled with luck.

Things go my way. I believe it's a positive attitude, always looking for the bright side of any situation, never the dark.

Some people equate money to luck, or vice versa. If you have money, you have luck. This is not really the case. At the risk of wearing you out on the subject, I'm going to cite Caitlyn Jenner.

Here is a woman with pretty much unlimited resources. All the best surgery and advice money can buy. She looks fabulous. Yet when I watch her show, I am disturbed by how she moves, how she sits, her mannerisms. They are all still male. She looks feminine, but acts masculine.

I have seen the same behavior many times with other trans I know. They do their very best to 'look' feminine, forgetting, or never realizing that your mannor counts as much as physical appearance.

This is where my luck once again appears. When I first came out, it was my oldest daughter who first embraced it whole-heartedly. She took me under her wing and gave me the foundation of feminine mannerisms that have shaped my post gender-non binary life. She taught me to walk, sit, sneeze, in short how to behave feminine. These lessons were invaluable and have boosted my already inflated ego. It was theses lessons that make my current life possible.

And while this,  on its own is amazing, she did this while battling, and conquering  severe OCD. She sufferes from bi-pilar disorder, recconized it herself and prompted her mother and myself to get her help. She taught me the fundimentals of feminity while suffering depression, and manc mood swings.

Luck? They say we create our own luck , and I certainly created mine, in the form of the most amazing daughter anyone could be lucky enough to have.