I love people, human beings. It's easy to have a dark view of humanity.  But that is only because bad things tend to out-weight good things in our select attention.

But when you take the time to count the good vs the bad, good always wins. Numerically if not in scale.

Today was a rainy, windy day.  If I was a character in the Winnie-the-Pooh books, I would say it was a blustery day. So I decided to go to the mall. I wanted to have the artists at the MAC store recommend a lipstick color, and then maybe I would just shop. 

I was greeted at the MAC store by a guy in 'day of the dead' makeup. Halloween is tomorrow, so this was not unusual. I told him what I wanted and his suggestions were spot on, going so far as to suggest a good blush , and then he worked on my eyes to make them 'POP'. His words. Needless to say I left the store looking fabulous, thanks to his skill. I also left a bit poorer, but it was worth it. His unconditional desire to make the best of me was overwhelming, and appreciated.

Just outside the store is a stand-alone Starbucks in a small courtyard. I can't resist a latte, so I headed straight for the line. While waiting for my turn, the woman in line behind me commened to me about the caramel chocolate squares in the pastry case. I responded and she engaged me in conversation. She quickly mentioned her partner, letting me know that she was a member of the LGBT community. We sat together, enjoying our coffee and each other. I spent over an hour taking about everything with someone who had very recently been a complete stranger. I kept thinking, 'I should go', then I thought 'what could possibly be better?' It was a wonderful way to spend the afternoon. I learned about her life, family, likes and dislikes and she mine.

When we finally parted, it was with a hug. Friends, even though we probably will never see each other again.

Next up was a local eatery that specializes in take home prepared gourmet food. There everyone was amazingly cheerful and helpful. When I checked out, the girl running the register commented positively and enthusiastically about my makeup.  I responded that I had just been to the MAC store and they had touched it up. Far better than I could, I did not add. We proceeded to have a conversation about her mom, the MAC store and the fun things in life. 

There was a time I would have never imagined going out as myself and not getting hurt. I have come to expect going out and no one objecting. Today I experienced going out and being befriended at every turn. 

I know the skeptics amoung you will say that the MAC employee and the checkout girl were just doing what they were paid for. They could have accomplished that task easily without the kindness and genuine connection they expressed.

And my Starbucks friend? She had no motivation other than spending time with a fellow human being that she could relate to.

Thank you humanity, for reminding me of how wonderful you can be.