There is no 'I' in weekend

My wife and I went to the movies Saturday afternoon. Weekends are usually Jess time, so we were a pair of ladies.

In public I'm conscious of people’s reactions and saw no one paying particular attention to me. 

After the movie I noticed my wife was uncomfortable. She said she was apprehensive of the public's perception of us. She felt that many eyes were on her.

Experience has taught me that the general public is concerned mostly with themselves. There always will be a few that do notice, and I have learned how to deal with it.

I have only been concerned with reactions to me, but my wife is also breaking the normal gender rules. Being out with me, she appears lesbian, as we are obviously a couple. I never thought to ask if she was comfortable with this perception.

I have a long time friend who is hesitant to do anything in public with Jess, but at his home it’s just fine. I should have realized that he is worried about peoples perception of him.  I have just assumed that all attention, good or bad, would be on me. 

As transgenders, we think of ourselves and how we can get along in the world. When it comes to our family and friends, we seek their approval, but do we ever consider the position it places them?  By being who we are, we add our issues to their lives. 

We don’t travel in a bubble, our presence has an effect on everyone around us, Let’s try and be conscious of that fact.