How to treat a Lady

I heard from a friend about a campaign in her company to promote the treatment of their female employees. It's called 'He for She'. The company is looking to increase the ratio of female to male workers in managerial roles. 

Apparently it's based on, self titled 'A Solidarity Movement for Gender Equality'. The company thinks it's stimulating their male managers to think of women as management material.

They have failed before they begin. 'He for She' is insulting, sending the message that men have to go out of their way to be accommodating to females. The implication is that the women need to be given a helping hand. What they need is simply not to be suppressed. They need to be treated as equals, not someone in need of a handout.

Men in general, and there are exceptions, tend to think of themselves as the top of the food chain. They are certain that without them, the world would stop turning. Giving them catch phrases like 'He for She' just reinforces their feelings of superiority. Since there is no need for a 'She for He' movement, men must be superior already.

When you treat anyone differently than you would treat yourself, you have failed. There should be no difference in how you speak to or about, a natural male, natural female, a transgender, gay, lesbian, bi-sexual... the list goes on. We as humans should consider only one thing in determining how to respect someone else: Are they human? Nothing else maters

What about trans people? We want to be treated as equals. When people label us, make special rules for us, create special bathrooms for us, etc.,  we are second-class citizens, or worse!