A change for the better

I have not written a blog a quite a while, several months. I hope this does not regulate my link to the recycle bin on your phone/tablet/computer.

Life has been a whirlwind of change during this time and I am going to try and share some of it with you. Unlike most of my blogs, there is no point, no theme to these writings, just an accounting of my time.


Until this summer I was at best a part time person. I kept my male persona for work, local politics, most day to day business and shopping. I if had to guess I would say my time was 70% male, 30% female. Meaning my presentation, I have always been the same person inside, but it is important to me that people perceive me as I perceive myself, so my presentation we very important.

The year began with a local political upset that ended up with me as Mayor of my small town. Nothing I had planned or strived for, but in the circumstances it is the right thing to do for my town.

Late summer was finally the European vacation we had been planning for almost a year. 3 weeks of pure bliss. I made a gamble and packed more female clothes than male and it worked out amazingly well. Basically the male clothes served coming and going so I would more closely match my passport.

 Early fall found me at work, unable to stop myself from telling everyone I work with that I was Trans. Their immediate acceptance and overall enthusiasm were startling. The very next day HR was happy to update my name and photo for myID badge. I have not been back in male disguises since.

 The town is next on the list and I have come out to a couple of councilmen, the town attorney & staff and a few key people in the town. Again everyone was immediately accepting.

 Finally the small rift I felt between my brothers and their kids has been mended thanks to the actions of my wonderful niece-in-law.

 I just spent a fantastic weekend getaway with my wife, did not even bother with packing male clothes. 

 I now spend almost all my time as myself and it feels so nice. 

When I think of all the years I worried, all the imagined problems I would face, how much I failed to understand real public reception, I can’t believe how long I held myself back.

 That’s it, I’m now at a new stage in my life. I have moved on to a whole new way of living, let’s hope it gives me wonderful insight and things to write about.