Life as a transgender is full wants and desires that seemingly never happen. HRT is a slow creature that appears, on a daily basis, to be doing nothing.
 Then one day, you realize you have changed. You don't know when, it wasn't yesterday, or the day before. Little by little, minute changes happen, one on top of another until they become obvious.

I still have a few times in my life that require people to perceive the old me, the male me. At first I would just sort through my closet for bigger shirts, not shave for a couple of days. It was working well. Of late I have to buy much bigger shirts and make sure to hide things.
 4 days of not shaving produces hairs that I can see, and certainly show up with makeup applied, but i'm no Don Johnson, and to anyone more than a few inches away, I'm clean shaven.
 When I first came out, presenting as female was a long complicated affair involving girdles, breast forms, other padding, dresses, hose and heels. Now its a pair of cut-offs and a T-Shirt.
 In short, it has now become the male presentation that requires work to pull off.
 I still have a long way to go, but I have definitely passed a big milestone on the journey.