America speaks

North Carolina governor signed a discrimination legalization bill, effectively overturning the City of Charlotte's recent anti discrimination ordinance. It prevents any city within the state to pass any law preventing discrimination of LGBT people.

Georgia has prepared and is awaiting it's governors signature on a similar bill. It goes so far as to promote defiance of the Supreme Court ruling on same so marriage.

Many other states have these types of vile, ignorant knee-jerk reaction bills.

I find this appalling, but what really strikes me is the overwhelming reaction of corporations and the public at large.

Hollywood has whole heartedly made it clear that it in no way will put up with nonsense. North Carolina and Georgia have benefitted from an sharp uptake of TV and Movie production. Hollywood has stated this will end abruptly if these discrimination bills stand. ,


IBM, PayPal, American Airlines, Google, Apple and many others have all expressed dismay at the blatant anti-social nature of these bills. While no threats as definitive as Hollywood, the corporations message hints at major financial repercussions.

The NCAA has threatened to pull planned tournaments from the state.


We are seeing the efforts of a small group of scared, ignorant law makers, intent on preventing change. But they do not represent the will of the people, and that makes me swell with pride!