Let the bathroom wars begin!

By now virtually every US citizen has heard of a ‘Bathroom Bill’, these nocuous, transphobic, fantasies of religious zealots. GOP politicians in control of the legislative branch of many states are pushing the idea as a “protection” law for women and children.

These politicians have not thought this one through. They were complete taken by surprise at the response from Industry leaders,TV & movie production companies, Actors, Authors, and Musicians who have applied economic punishment.

 That’s good, but it’s going to take one more thing.

 The state legislators are hunkering down and waiting for the issue to go away. And this will work… as long as they keep the public scared. Scared of men in dresses - also known as perverts and rapists.

 Their mistake is not accounting for transmen, which they treat tike unicorns, mythical creatures that you never encounter.

 They sold their supporters on an image of a scary, unfeminine man in a bad dress with even worst makeup, intent on molesting anything it can find in the bathroom.

 So what happens when women see transmen in the bathroom? How about guys lined up at the urinals when a blonde bombshell sashays by?  The women scream, the men probably pee all over each other.

 We want this to happen, it’s a good thing for us. Don't resist the ban, embrace it, and quickly before that image is burned into the public psyche. We all need to find as many reasons to go into our birth gender restrooms as possible.

 Not only will this show them who we really are, but it will turn them against the bills proponents. Women and Transmen don’t want to share the same bathroom.

  The public needs to see the farce in these laws. States with upcoming legislation can benefit by an educated public. People can easily be blinded by fear, but once they understand the truth, fear no longer controls them.

  The best way we can fight this is from inside the battlefield.